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Shanghai AYAN Industry System Co.,Ltd


Room 1278, building B, Fudan Software Park, No.15 Chang Yi Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China









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Company introduction

Company introduction

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Shanghai AYAN Industry System Co.,Ltd. was established in 2004 and is located in Fudan Software Park, Baoshan District, Shanghai. AYAN is an automation technology company that develops and designs motion control products. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, is a European Community CE certification enterprise, has independent intellectual property rights, hardware development, software design and many other national invention patents. Since its inception, AYAN has always been positioned in the direction of scientific and technological innovation, with the business philosophy of customer first, creating the brand image of Designed in China and dedicating the best products and the best service to customers.

 AYAN's design and development of each product requires a rigorous process. At the beginning of the design, it is necessary to go through many research and discussion, and the multi-faceted considerations such as the reliability and stability of the product quality, the convenience of the customer, etc., in order to ensure the consistency of the drawing design and the manufacturing, the product needs to go through many times and more. Strict testing demonstrates the rationality of the design. For each of AYAN's products, a complete test system and test equipment for production testing are developed separately. In addition, the products are sent to third-party testing agencies for testing to ensure the reasonableness, accuracy and authority of the tests.

After more than ten years of development, AYAN's self-developed encoders have eight series of hundreds of models. The products have passed the EMC test of TÜV Rheinland and have obtained CE certification from the European Union and exported to Europe, Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, etc. Industrial products market.


The products currently available by the company are:

1.Absolute encoder for height and length measurement feedback,

2.Bus type encoder conforming to various international bus protocol standards,

3.Incremental coding for speed and angle measurement feedback,

4.Explosion-proof encoders for hazardous applications such as petroleum and chemical industries,

5.All stainless steel encoders used in corrosive environments and harsh marine environments,

6.Wire-wound encoder for linear displacement measurement,

7.Overspeed switch for overspeed protection,

8.And related supporting instruments and meters.


AYAN encoders are widely used in steel, lifting, elevators, water gates, logistics and packaging industries, and are widely used in large-scale enterprise research institutions such as Shanghai Baosteel, Beijing Shougang, Changjiang Electric Power and CNOOC. 

In the field of measurement of length measurement and height positioning, precise positioning and real-time feedback are realized. The multi-turn technology of the absolute encoder adopts the multi-circle gear set of pure optical scanning. The number of turns of the multi-turn can reach 16384 circles without repeating, and the power-off can permanently save the real-time data without the need of an extra battery to provide energy. The principle is similar to the watch. The gear mechanism, the multi-stage gears are progressively advanced, each stage of the gears is independently supported, and the gear teeth made of specially developed materials can withstand very high speeds and ensure stability and longer temperature changes. Service life.

In addition, in the field of speed control measurement, AYAN's AIH100 series of large-aperture incremental encoders have obtained the patent certificate of the National Patent Office. The unique design greatly enhances the anti-vibration and anti-shock capability. The electrical stability and mechanical overload ability of the structure are improved to meet the performance of the encoder under heavy load conditions, making it widely used in heavy equipment such as lifting and elevators.