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Privacy security

Privacy security

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Privacy and security
The confidentiality treaty of this company explains the information, data collection and use of the Company. Once you visit this website, you have agreed to this privacy, and you have agreed to respect and protect your privacy. The contents of the treaty.
Personal information
"Personal Information" means any of your identifying information, including: name, gender, date of birth, identity card number, address, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, educational level, work experience and so on. Often, you do not need to provide your personal information to access this website. However, in order to improve the quality of service, the Company may require you to provide some personal information to enable the Company to better understand your needs to serve you at the same time, the company has the right to take measures to verify the authenticity of the personal information you provide. If you provide personal information about others, you have obtained a formal permission from others. The Company undertakes that the Company will not provide your personal information to any third party other than the Company and its affiliates, except for your own wishes.
2. Collection of personal information
When you need to provide personal information, the Company will seek your consent to provide you with services or perform your business upon your request, including receiving information about our products and services, accessing advanced sites subject to certain restrictions, Registered to participate in activities or training, purchase or register the company's products, customer satisfaction survey, market research and promotion, staff recruitment, legal mandatory regulations.
3. Use of personal information
The personal information you provide will be used and shared only within the Company or with its affiliated companies, and your personal information is used only to better understand your needs and to provide you with better service or executive services. The company may use your personal information to contact you to provide services to you
4. Personal information security
We will not sell or disclose any information to any third party (except as otherwise provided by law) in any case, we will not disclose your information to any third party (except as otherwise provided by law). All of the customer information we have obtained through the website and other means is only used to process your order requirements.
5. Protection of minors
This website does not intentionally collect personal information about minors. If you provide personal information of minors, please go ahead with your consent by your guardian. The definition of "minors" should be determined in accordance with the law applicable in this Treaty.
6. About Cookies
When you visit this website, the Company may deposit certain information into your computer in the form of "cookies". "Cookie" is a small text file on the web server placed on your computer. "Cookie" can not Used to run the program, nor will the virus spread to your computer. The purpose of using "cookies" is to provide you with a time-saving and easy-to-use feature that does not mean that the Company is automatically informed of any personal information about you. This website may also use Web beacon technology or other technology to better optimize this site to provide quality services. You can choose to accept or reject cookies.
Seven links to other sites
This site may contain links to other sites, and the Company is not responsible for the privacy treaties or content of other sites.
Legal Disclosure
You have understood that, under the law, this website may need to disclose your personal information without any prior consent and liability.
9. Amendments to this Privacy Policy
The copyright and the right of interpretation of this Privacy Policy belong to the Company. The Company will update this announcement and publish it at any time. The updated contents will be valid from the date of publication. Please visit us regularly to keep you informed.
10. This privacy treaty or related use
Any act of this website is governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China, and therefore disputes shall be settled by mutual consultation. In the event of a negotiation, you agree to be determined by the people's court where the Company's legal address is located.
Contact Information
If you have any questions and suggestions, you can contact us through the contact information on this website, the company will make the greatest efforts to solve.